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Review Movie: Brother of the Year (2018)

CHUT. All he wanted was for a younger brother, but he got a little sister instead. And more than that, Jane–his sister–was everything he could never be. She was smarter, more diligent, more well-behaved, and got all the approvals from people around them. Beside his sister, Chut always paled in comparison. He felt lame and useless. So he acted in retribution–Chut always tried to make Jane’s harder: making a mess of their house, never cleaning up, bringing girls home despite having Jane’s friend as his lover, and even try to break apart Jane’s relationship with her boyfriend. But does he actually hate her, his own sister?

JANE. All she ever wanted was a dependable older brother. For Jane, Chut was a big influence. She got interested in Japan and even managed to study there because of her brother’s hobby of reading manga. She was great in playing baseball because Chut always asked her to play him when they were children. Despite Chut’s inability to manage housechores, his terrible work ethic, and his rude attitude towards all of her past suitors, Jane loved her brother. So when she was engaged to Moji, her half-Japanese boyfriend, all she wanted from Chut was his blessing for her marriage. But Chut refused to even give her that. So would Jane think it’s better not to have a brother, in the end of everything?

Brother of the Year is a mix of comedy, family drama, and heart-warming romance. It’s both funny and touching. When I first saw the movie poster, I thought it would be a rollercoaster of comedic moments between two siblings that hate each other. What I got is a story about brother and sister who acts like they despise each other’s presence, constantly trying to make one another suffer a living hell, but deep inside, they’re just brother and sister. Their rivalry should never have progressed into a hateful relationship–and never will.

Author: Eta Wardana

I love a world made of stories, music, beautiful illustrations, warm drink, fresh fruits, and an ocean of knowledge.

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