Review Drama: The Tale of Nokdu

NOKDU. One day, a group of mysterious people came to his family with the intention of killing. Angry and bewildered, Nokdu decided to chase the escaping assassin and figure out the reason behind the killing attempt. The self-proclaimed mission brought him to the village of widowers, where only women were allowed to enter. Desperate to know the secret behind his birth, Nokdu pretended to be a woman and tried to join the assassins’ organization.

DONG JOO. Her family members were slaughtered by the King because of treason. Blinded by sorrow and hate, Dong Joo swore that she would one day end the King’s life with her own hands. Hiding amongst the gisaengs (courtesans) and widowers while bidding time until she finally would be able to get into the palace, Dong Joo didn’t allow herself to love because she knew her attempt to kill the King would end her own life too.

THE TALE OF NOKDU is a tale of betrayal, trust, family, love, and loyalty. Begin with many comedic scenes that never fail to bring me laughter, it progressively moves into more heartbreaking and thrilling moments, where both main characters try their best to fulfill their personal mission while surviving the most challenging phase of their lives. I couldn’t tell much of drama without spoiling anything, since there are many secrets to uncover along the journey. The drama’s tone is bright and colourful, never stopping for a boring scene.

Author: Eta Wardana

I love a world made of stories, music, beautiful illustrations, warm drink, fresh fruits, and an ocean of knowledge.

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