Illustrated Journaling Challenge Day #11 – Vacation

21/01/2021 – Listening to TWICE’s Rainbow.

For my mother, vacation means beach. She loves swimming (or at least I think she loves the thought of playing with water). I personally think lake or river is better. I don’t like the humid weather of a beach. Unless it is during rain, but people don’t usually go to beach when it is raining. I like trees better. And mountains. I like place with a lot of shadows, rain, and wind. I love cloudy days. I love thunderstorms. I love windy days when I have to wear my thickest jacket, my boots, socks, and bring umbrella everywhere I go.

I love staying in my room more. I love good books. I love sweet drinks and sweet foods. I love good music. I love good movies.

Vacation for my mother means outdoor. Vacation for my younger sister usually means some place like amusement park or mall. For me, it’s just home and spending a lot of time with my books, my Disney+ Hotstar app, and maybe throw some trees in between.

Sure, it can get boring sometimes. When there is no interesting book on my list. When characters in the movies I watch being stupid and not fun. When I am craving for some junk food (can someone deliver pizza to the countryside?). When I literally have nothing to do that it feels like I’m going to lose my mind (when will the holiday be over?).

For the last six years, vacation usually means simply being with my family. After three years of living in high school dormitory and another three years going away for college, holiday just simply means being at home, waking up to the sound of my mother cooking breakfast, my father watering his plants, and my siblings either still in dreamland or struggling to wake up just like I probably am. Somehow after six years, going on a vacation to another city simply feels more like work to me. For me, real vacation is at home. Boring as it might be, but vacation it is for me.

Author: Eta Wardana

I love a world made of stories, music, beautiful illustrations, warm drink, fresh fruits, and an ocean of knowledge.

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